High performance mobile LIDAR solutions for professionals.

LidarSwiss is always on top of the newest development in LIDAR solution from UAV to manned aircraft and mobile LIDAR equipment.

Beside our basic product line we configure and design tailor made equipment you need to get the job done!

LidarSwiss is an Official Riegl GmbH OEM Partner, we do our own integration to create the most powerful and innovative LIDAR systems in Europe.

Real-time processing on the fly is one of the possibilities we provide to our end users. Our revolutionary real time processing option LS 3D Live will make your project time be more efficient then ever before.

Most of our sensors are modular so you can use the same basic configuration and straight forward change it to a dual or triple sensor solution with adding the additional sensors like a hyper spectral, calibrated cameras to make sure you data sets is optimal for your projects.

We just launched our new LS Nano VUX LIDAR that can be combined with different kind of camera configurations and real-time processing to provide high accuracy data in the fraction of the time then with competitive systems.

Contact us to receive full product information to experience the advantage of using the LidarSwiss products.