About Us

LidarSwiss Solutions GmbH is the leading company specialized in dynamic Lidar technology, including mobile Lidar and airborne Lidar.  We have built and flew a series of different Lidar systems based on the latest laser and enabling technologies since our virgin flight.

Bob Kletzli (CTO) is a pioneer from the US Lidar mapping industry and brings two decades of experience in Lidar service projects and system integration.  This experience affords us a unique perspective on system and software design, which in turn allows us to build better Lidar systems.

Our Lidar systems are lightweight, easy to install and uninstall, easy to operate, robust and produce highly accuracy results, consistently.  Simple and quick data processing procedure is also a feature of our Lidar solutions. 

Bob successfully integrated the Lidar solutions to over a dozen of unmanned systems from the smaller multi-rotor system up to 750kg rotory wing unmanned aircrafts, also several manned systems are operating the Lidar solutions with great success.