About Us

LidarSwiss GmbH is a Swiss Based company specialized in dynamic Lidar technology, including mobile and airborne Lidar. We have built a series of Lidar systems based on the latest laser technology and enabling technologies since our employees first virgin flight in 2010. 

Bob Kletzli (CTO) is a pioneer from the US Lidar mapping industry and brings two decades of experience in Lidar service projects and system integration.  This experience affords us a unique perspective on system and software design, which in turn allows us to build better Lidar systems.

Our Lidar systems are lightweight, easy to install or integrate, easy to operate, robust and produce highly accuracy results, consistently. Simple and quick data processing procedure is also a feature of our Lidar solutions.

Bob successfully integrated the Lidar solutions to over a dozen of unmanned systems from the smaller multirotor system up to 750kg rotorywing unmanned aircrafts, also several manned systems are operating the Lidar solutions with great success. 

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-kletzli-a72665155/

Dennis Menick (CEO) started his carrier 2009 in the unmanned market at Geocopter bv in the Netherlander as a unmanned aircraft operator. The company Geocopter bv moved to China in 2010 where Dennis spent almost two years supporting improving the air-frame and sensor integrations.

In 2011 Dennis moved to Switzerland to join the start up company Swissdrones Operating AG as the head of sales and marketing, the valuable network and market knowledge LidarSwiss Solutions GmbH customers going to need in this world of pioneers and prototype cowboys.

Dennis will be in charge of international sales and marketing but will also be responsible for bringing the correct partners to the table by selecting and partnering up with the most reliable unmanned aircraft manufacturers on the market.

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-george-menick-b94b9743/