LS 3D Live

What’s LS 3D Live?

LidarSwiss 3D Live is the new release from LidarSwiss to provide real time data processing solution to achieve RGB attributed point clouds.
Using LidarSwiss Real-Time software, the LS Micro or Nano series LIDAR equipment and the LidarSwiss Real-Time viewer on the Ground control station, one can realize real-time data processing and monitoring during flight.

LS 3D Live combines all processes with one button, laser and image data collection, on-board data processing including RGB color attribution to the points-cloud.
Streaming your data to the ground makes it possible to have a real-time 360 view of your colorized point-cloud while collecting data.
This enables our customers to check data during flight, obtain RGB attributed laser data and analyze data at real time.

LS 3D Live Software Feature

1. Data collection:

  • Setting parameters of LIDAR system components.
  • Controlling scanner, camera and POS system simultaneously.
  • Automatic laser data, image data and POS data collection.
  • LIDAR system working status logging.
  • LIDAR system operation monitoring.
  • Real-time displaying laser range and returns.
  • Real-time displaying image data.
  • Logging and displaying GPS and error prompting.
  • Software lock-in when LIDAR system connection misplaced or GPS signal lost.
  • Creating real-time Time-list file. ( image file names and the exact exposure UTC of each image)
  • Logging all raw files.

2. Real-time data processing:

  • Automatic standard LAS file laser data.
  • Automatic RGB attribution to laser point-cloud.
  • Automatic processed data recording .
  • Automatic processed data transferring to Ground Control Station. (Data-link needed)
  • Viewing RGB attributed laser point-cloud at 360 degree, storage or distance measuring between any 2 points. ( Using LS RT viewer)

3. LidarSwiss Real-Time viewer:

  • Real-time display of more than 100 million points.
  • Data display and operation during flight or afterwards (translation, rotation and scaling)
  • Display coordinates of any laser point.
  • Real-time display of point nature.
    RGB color. ( from image data)
    Laser points intensity.
    Color attribute by elevation.
  • Objects measuring.
  • Data share with any selected person or group online.

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