LS Collect

LidarSwiss Collect is LidarSwiss proprietary software for data acquisition.

LS Collect is installed on the system controller of our Dynamic LIDAR systems the LS Micro and LS Nano Series to configure, command, collect data and monitor all components of the LIDAR systems.


LS Collect Software Feature

  • Easy to operate.
  • Interface is simple and user friendly.
  • Controls all components i.e. scanner, IMU/GPS, camera.
  • Monitors the status of the LIDAR system and communicates with ground control station if data-link is available.
  • Creates image list directly, reduces post-processing workload.


LS Collect Software Functions

Configure/re-configure parameters of all components.
Automatically collects laser data, image data and POS data.
Log working status of LIDAR system.
Monitor running situation of LIDAR system.
Display real-time laser range and returns.
Display real-time images.
Log and display GPS and provides warning.
Mistake-prevention function: when GPS signal is not ready or connection is not in place, ‘start’button is deactivated.


LS Collect Software Operation
Enter scanner parameters i.e. pulse rate and scan rate, set IMU parameters, set camera trigger time, wait for GPS, IMU and LOG indicators to turn green, then press ‘start’.
After data acquisition is finished, select ‘off’ in camera setting section to stop camera, press ‘stop’ to stop scanning, then turn the scanner off and shut down LS Collect software.