LidarSwiss Geo-LAS is the mandatory software suite delivered with all LidarSwiss LIDAR solutions to easily create the LAS files from the collected data. With a two day training is sufficient to fully operate LS Geo-LAS and the collection software (LS Collect) on-board the LIDAR sensor!

LS Geo-LAS will automatically use the additional imagery to attribute to the laser point cloud so your can start classifying with your fully colorized point-cloud.


LS Geo-LAS Software Features

  • Highly unified, easy to operate, intelligent and accurate.
  • Compatible with all kinds of scanners. Laser configuration section is specially designed to suit this need.
  • Accepts input of any industry standard GPS/IMU data and raw laser data.
  • Allows user to modify laser data output format. Data is output to ASPRS LAS format version 1.2 in any user defined Cartesian coordinate system.
  • Automatically records sensor calibration and it may be recalled for future processing of the same sensor.


LS Geo-LAS Operation

Configure laser scanner, input all information required as shown below, click
‘process’, Las format data will be created. LS Geo-LAS is simpler, more efficient than
the other las data generating software available in the market.