LS GLidar V16

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LS GLidar V16, a complete multi-rotor UAV Lidar solution.
The UAV consists of a integrated LS NANO V16 Lidar system and a easy to use ground control station.
The design is exquisite, with Lidar and UAV highly integrated in one piece, such design enables fight times to up to 40 minutes.

LS GLidar V16 can be applied for small area and corridor 3D data acquisition, rapid and accurate distance measuring,
landslide analysis, Stockpiles and volumetric calculations, Historical site modelling, Mining Volume Calculation, vegetation penetration for the surface model and other corridor mapping.


 Typical applications

• Power lines inspection/danger tree analysis.
• River banks, coastal lines mapping.
• Water resources monitoring.
• Quick response mud slide analysis.
• High accuracy small area mapping.
• Other 3D data applications.


• Velodyne VLP-16 – 300khz Pulse rate.
• Complete turnkey solution Ready to fly out of the box.
• 1-20hz scan rate.
• Mems IMU – pitch/roll 0.05,heading 0.1.
• 20mp calibrated camera.
• Rugged system controller.
• Autonomous operation.
• Up to 45 minutes endurance.
• Weights 7.2kg.
• Fits in one medium size transport case.
• Operating range 100m.
• Unique calibration, direct referencing, no need for tie points and triangulation’s.