LS Micro Vux

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LS Micro Vux is the next generation of LS Micro Vux, a product suitable for both corridor and area mapping.

Based on VUX-1LR, higher grade NovAtel IMU/GPS, and a 50mp camera, this system is lighter with
longer range, it can be used to fly higher and covers more area on either a UAV and manned aircraft’s.
LS Micro Vux LR automatically collects highly accurate laser and image data via its on-board system controller.

It can produce DOMs, DEMs, DSMs and DTMs which may be further processed to produce 3D models for various industries.

Typical applications

• River banks, coastal lines mapping.
• Land surveying.
• Water resources monitoring.
• quick response mud slid analysis.
• high accuracy large area mapping.


• Riegl VUX-1 LR – 820khz Pulse rate.
• 330 deg FOV.
• 1-200hz scan rate.
• 50mp calibrated camera.
• Rugged system controller.
• Autonomous operation.
• One button startup.
• Weights 8.5kg.
• Fits in one pelican case.
• Operating range 1350m.
• Up to 400pts/m2.
• Installation in minutes.

LS Micro Vux mounted onto the Swissdrones Dragon 50v2.