LS Nano V32

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LS Nano V32 is a mini LIDAR system specially designed to meet the market need for Multi-copters. Consists of Velodyne HDL-32E scanner, a 20mp calibrated camera, a suitable POS system and LidarSwiss proprietary control unit, this 2.7kg Lidar system is a perfect tool for low altitude small area and corridor mapping. Easy-to-install-and-operate feature ensures this baby LIDAR system to generate desirable result even with little training. Coupled with LS Geo-LAS software to process the acquired data, measurable terrain models can be derived in very short time.

Typical applications

  • Power lines inspection/danger tree analysis.
    • River banks, coastal lines mapping.
    • Water resources monitoring.
    • Quick response mud slide analysis.
    • High accuracy small area mapping.
    • Other 3D data applications.


  • Velodyne HDL32-E.
    • 360 deg FOV.
    • 1-20hz scan rate.
    • Mems IMU – pitch/roll 0.05,heading 0.1.
    • 20mp calibrated camera.
    • Rugged system controller.
    • Autonomous operation.
    • One button startup.
    • Weights 2.7kg.
    • Fits in one small size pelican case.
    • Operating range 100m.
    • Unique calibration, direct referencing, no need for tie points and triangulation’s.