LS Nano Vux

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LS Nano Vux is LidarSwiss newly-developed Lidar solution. It weighs only 2.95 kg including the 20mp calibrated camera, using surveying grade IMU/GPS solution to calculate the positions and lidarSwiss system controller with its proprietary software to automatically collect and real-time process data. The algorithm that we use to process precise positions and generate 3D data for all objects above ground is proven high-accurate by surveying & Mapping third parties.

LS Nano Vux is easy to transport, easy to install, easy to operate and easy to generate 3D data. It is a perfect tool for acquiring accurate 3D data for small areas, either on electronic multi-copters or other flying platforms.

Typical applications:
• Powerlines inspection/danger tree analysis.
• River banks, coastal lines mapping.
• Water resources monitoring.
• Quick response mud slide analysis.
• High accuracy medium area mapping.
• Other 3D data applications.


• Riegl Vux Mini – 100khz Pulse rate.
• 330 deg FOV.
• 1-100hz scan rate.
• Mems IMU – pitch/roll 0.006,heading 0.019.
• 20mp calibrated camera.
• Rugged system controller.
• Autonomous operation.
• One button startup.
• Weights 2.95kg.
• Fits in one pelican case.
• Operating range 250m.
• Up to 100pts/m2.
• Unique calibration, direct referencing, no need for tie points and triangulation’s.

LS Nano Vux inclduing carrying case and quick release mount for the DJI Matrice 600 Pro.

LS Nano Vux brand New Sensor Modules.

LS Nano Vux mounted under the Altus OCR2 electric UAV helicopter.